Your poetry, it’s… they’re… not written about me, are they? Cecily, BTVS S5E7

In a word, my effulgent friend, no. If you find entry into or points of connection with a particular piece I am flattered. And, admittedly, like any writer I do rip from real life – the headlines, the small details, the variations of character and experience when the story remains the same. Moments mixed together with Pollack-like precision, a pastiche, if you will, of the past and the present, of the real and imagined, of the singular and the shared. There is no one inspiration – everything that has gone before echoes in the possibility of what is still to come. And lest you err on the side of self-flattery I humbly remind you that we are not unique snowflakes. Character and experience – broadly speaking, these align to a narrow set of categories. Only the personal meaning we ascribe to them is unique.

We all live storied lives.

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