The Words

accuse me of living in the moment
before the moment the words were said
standing toes gripping the edge
heart pounding before the jump

your words shatter whole within me
leave me shaken in the fictive rubble
of a tale told countless times before
shocked to find truth in it’s destruction

not a pretty lie, consolation, one night’s tale
dismissed and forgotten, a hidden revelation
real hope a road too far, a line uncrossed
the story just a story, till forgeries verboten

so many nights your memory my guide
to peace, through sleep’s door to day’s edge
a cherished relic, a token of fragile faith
in a modern world of wires and wonder

your words now change everything, nothing
in our parallel orbits, travelling apart together
this renewed knowledge sears like coals
against bared skin, laid open by fresh ink

know my promise was kept, I spoke the words
asked the question, and paid the price
your absence since enforced and keenly felt
first among my thoughts, last of my regrets

Moon (doG) Boy Love

Stepping away from your borrowed warmth
Drawn down toward where land meets sea
The granite-wet smell of rock and water
Air thick with poplar, balsam and clover

The night lit brilliance of reflected moonlight
Spills across the water, a luminous summons
Pale feet grip wet gravel to ground
Escaped, the heart flies out cross marbled water

Standing vigilant behind me, watching, waiting
Your unreadable expression an unbroken code
You’ve followed me here to speak your truth
Under the moon, boy and dog, at water’s edge

The west wind’s tendrils wrap round me
Prying open and piercing the axial core
Lightning strikes and I am forever fused
To this place, to this night, to this shore

Turning away from the space between
Grey eyes open, seeing and unseen
The sacrifice complete, the price your words
Four years will pass before I know

A moment of hesitation, in silence our future
Lost to the lake, pledge witnessed and given
Perfection passed into the fullness of night
Together we came, apart in the end

Gods of the Woods and Lakes

I went searching for the gods
of the woods and the lakes
in humility I called
to the birds and the snakes

I searched in the spring
swollen creek, thawing air
I called out their names
but no one was there

I searched in the summer
through wave after wave
of glistening water
no signal they gave

I searched in the autumn
asked the fox and the dear
but no one had seen them
and winter drew near

I searched in the winter
down trails packed with snow
I asked a pale rider
but the answer was no

My search for the gods
through the woods, in the lake
has yielded this prayer
if you sleep, now awake

Signal Lost

at the fluid edge of night where
my mind’s reach ends and yours begins
my thoughts seek any trace of your marker
memories wash up against the horizon
where known gives way to the infinite

when once the connection was freshly forged
I knew the way, could follow the beacon 
and take solace in our parallel existence
now emptiness clamours giving way to static
the signal lost – yet promise remains in this still

my faith eroded by failed attempts
I chase echoes in this labyrinth of mine 
your reality exists outside my inept intrusion
counting backwards I awaken, returning 
to the insistent pulse of this carotid city

The things we lost in the fire

a flash, a crack, a flare in the darkness
a man stands alone with a single match
the flame peaks blue and bright, flickering
in the hapless draft, extinguished the light fades
the man remembers only the brilliance
alone again in the night, he exhales

we could have been a forest fire
together we would have scorched the earth
our flames would have stretched to touch the stars
an inferno to rival the ice in our veins
uncontrollable, unquenchable, undeniably inhuman
the things we lost in the fire


Bright lights in the darkness, revealed moments of brilliance
Moonlight spills out, flowing over the fragrant fields
Burnt out velvet wraps backlit skies lit by the last rays
The fog rises up now, creeping silently it kisses each reed

I want only to remain forever in this moment
Pressed up against the boards, the temptation of freedom
To break free from my safety and gallop out into the field
Cool damp freedom lashes and cuts at my ankles

The flash and rumble on the horizon promise
There is danger here, always, or I wouldn’t come
Paralyzed, I pray silently for release, for forgiveness
Fearful, covetous of the memories I must forfeit in return

Monstres Brillants

quand je pense que je suis libre
je me souviens que je suis à vous tout
dans ce précieux moment de clarté
votre monde m’accable, mon régent
les étoiles brûlent blanc avec mon désir
tout l’univers il dans vos yeux
votre regard capturé mon âme

notre rencontre, un moment parfait dans mon histoire
il est vous, il est moi, et nous, nous sommes
brutal, et nous découvrons dans le feu
le mot assourdissant du silence
notre vérité, toujours en noir et désespéré,
que, ensemble, nous sommes des monstres