The Words

accuse me of living in the moment
before the moment the words were said
standing toes gripping the edge
heart pounding before the jump

your words shatter whole within me
leave me shaken in the fictive rubble
of a tale told countless times before
shocked to find truth in it’s destruction

not a pretty lie, consolation, one night’s tale
dismissed and forgotten, a hidden revelation
real hope a road too far, a line uncrossed
the story just a story, till forgeries verboten

so many nights your memory my guide
to peace, through sleep’s door to day’s edge
a cherished relic, a token of fragile faith
in a modern world of wires and wonder

your words now change everything, nothing
in our parallel orbits, travelling apart together
this renewed knowledge sears like coals
against bared skin, laid open by fresh ink

know my promise was kept, I spoke the words
asked the question, and paid the price
your absence since enforced and keenly felt
first among my thoughts, last of my regrets