Moon (doG) Boy Love

Stepping away from your borrowed warmth
Drawn down toward where land meets sea
The granite-wet smell of rock and water
Air thick with poplar, balsam and clover

The night lit brilliance of reflected moonlight
Spills across the water, a luminous summons
Pale feet grip wet gravel to ground
Escaped, the heart flies out cross marbled water

Standing vigilant behind me, watching, waiting
Your unreadable expression an unbroken code
You’ve followed me here to speak your truth
Under the moon, boy and dog, at water’s edge

The west wind’s tendrils wrap round me
Prying open and piercing the axial core
Lightning strikes and I am forever fused
To this place, to this night, to this shore

Turning away from the space between
Grey eyes open, seeing and unseen
The sacrifice complete, the price your words
Four years will pass before I know

A moment of hesitation, in silence our future
Lost to the lake, pledge witnessed and given
Perfection passed into the fullness of night
Together we came, apart in the end