A-T type 955

A silent symphony, swaying
Passion stripped of joy
Impossible, intolerable
This frenzied staticity

The incessant reflection
Daybreak longs for nightfall
Heedless of the tides
Creeping abject toward majesty

Complacency a changeling, mute
Indifference the paralytic
Addictive, sterile and steel
Drawn against the grain

Desire an epidemic, cold
A love raining ashes
Patient, waiting, quarantined
Holding on until you let go

Chasing knowledge, curiosity
A key dipped in blood
Telling, damning, brilliant
This unforgettable tale

My escape bartered, mr. fox
Sates the insatiable with
Shiny, saccharine, sacrifices
Suffering created and consumed

Should the good will out
And truth deliver madmen
Will my inevitable judgement
Match my wry complicity?