Contained cruelty, fights the desire
to relegate and diminish.
By grace instead I hold you up,
and compassion tops anger in the end.

Keeping my own council, I say nothing.
Silence salves all wounds. Seldom do I
regret what I have left unsaid;
but often that which I hastily confess.

We say so much to say so little.
Or alternately distill and concentrate –
the endlessly contracting conversation –
but even these few words are denied.

If anything, struggling to explain
what needs no explanation
risks missing the fleeting chance to
ask why and deserve an answer.

So I edit, erase, retract and
ultimately submerge these words.
Since there can be no recompense;
I surrender the truth to your construction.

Undeterred I persevere, my unspoken dialogue
enshrining the unsaid in stone,
and sinking the unyielding days
beneath the weight of my own silence.