breathing, drawn out, exorcised, teased apart
the colour drains, unsaturated, hollowed
as I become light, a transparant shell
fading greylit shadow
substance leaves me, falling away

the loss, smoke from my lips, transient
never a part of me to begin with
trails the light, headed eastward
to rise again, the ashes like snow
playing across the slate

burned itself out, raging, molten
till not even embers remained
pale illuminated barely, sparsely by
the only light that endures,
recalling mysterious sunshine

my reticence, always waiting,
hanging back when others rush by
swift to their fate
left with the image of decay as chance
collapses at the lightest touch to ash

not sadness, this emptiness is lightness
free from the heat, the flame and the fury
alone I court peace
stillness welcomed openly
stretched clean to the edges of my outline