defiant to the last, I close my eyes
against the clamour of cluttered reality
and in the darkness behind I chase
a single point of retreating light

from the pulse of pinpoint memory
an insistent, ever enduring moment
the opening credits fade in –
the story starts to unfold again

down the rabbit hole following animated scorn
falling slowly, disillusion blossoms
as time erodes the evidence, details
leaving floating ghosts with dim margins

blundering, the world shrinks, contracting
collapsing inward one kiss at a time
blinding, crushing and entire
the glare of your light extinguishes mine

your intake of breath; audible, anxious
that simple silence in the moment before
your hesitation tastes bitter on my tongue
stinging as your judgement, falling short

still you drink me down without restraint
and so diminished, I turn away empty
virgin thresholds long to be crossed but
fearful to the last breed only regret