Quiet now in these moments
New dreams, new hopes, a new future
Now is all there is, and silence
Wraps round me in layers, peace

Trailing forward into the sky
The vapour trails tracing existence
Stretching out like my fingers
Grasping smoke and illusions

And I float in the remainder
Deep breaths, in and out as
I process, letting go, and finally smile
Bury my face in, no, not now

Part of me remembers to dance
New growth at summer’s height
Braving the fierce sunlight
Saturating my landscape with hope

Three, two, one: a return to the beginning
I pick up the dropped threads
Weaving in the broken ends
And circle back to the steady beat

As I count out the moments
Snapshots of sorrow and glee
You stand before me, illuminated
Buoyed by our strength, indelible

Repetition in our pattern once again
The give and take, swaying
Upon the sea the waves arise
And fall in the never ending cycle

Finally, there is a happiness
At one with the experience
Lost in contemplation and sorting
I unwrap the last of your gifts

And I flow back into the waters
Dark, cool and hidden in lapped
Dim and cut through with light
Shimmering through the silt

Far off the song plays on, notes
Landing momentarily and alighting
Sweeping through the edges
My pulse, the center, the stillness.