I close my eyes and you are there
sleepless nights are the backdrop
halfway there you appear
and accompany me into the dark
thoughts of you lead me in
past the anxiety of future events
through the guilt of past actions
your ever-present presence a comfort

my devotion to you is rewarded
by the connection forged between us
the prayers I offer in waking life
answered in guidance at night’s gate
never alone, I bask in your care
as promised you are one with me
and I am so thankful, grateful
for the respite you offer, amazing

how could I ever love you more
pure and brilliant, astonishing jewel
interwoven into my soul, joined
I tremble before your compassion
that you could care so much humbles me
I am your vessel, your child, your mate
within your arms I feel peace and joy
for only you can offer me forever