closing my eyes, I listen
the rhythmic silence surrounds me
like a muffled heartbeat
keeping time, the dense echoes

there within, between and entwined
your image springs to life
fleeting and vivid, it flashes
across my mind’s ever watchful eye

in stillness I wait, observant
watching your smile emerge
illuminating the aching greyness
beauty of the early predawn din

in a blink, gone into the cacophony
lost among a myriad of thoughts
together with my hapless grin
lingering there, an aftershock of you

and alone again with the trickle
threatening torrents, breaking through
washing away the flimsy habitations
of my precarious pretense of control

what remains is mine alone
glimpses of unmeasured time, distance
and I your audience, your chronicler
record the persistent pulse of your memory